NASCAR is also called American Auto Racing, is the most popular type of professional car racing in the world, next to Formula 1. This article will describe as best as we can with everything you would need to place bets on NASCAR.

Brief History of NASCAR

The association's full name is “National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing,” and it was founded over seventy years ago in 1948. NASCAR is responsible for over 1,500 races in the US, Canada, Europe, and Mexico. The association has four sanctioned series in the US, including:

  • NASCAR Cup Series
  • NASCAR Xfinity Series
  • NASCAR Gander RV & Outdoors Truck Series
  • NASCAR ARCA Menards Series

In addition to those mentioned above, the association also has three international series – one for Europe, Canada, and Mexico. There are also several online racing series which are very popular in recent years. Betting on this sport has become extremely popular in recent years and

Types of NASCAR Bets that Exist

Outright Winner

The Outright bet type is the most popular one in NASCAR and many other competitions. You bet on who would win any given race before it starts. The odds offered for this type of bet are high, and many people pick multiple drivers. As long as any of the drivers you bet on a win, you will get a payout. The payouts are high, and they cover the fact that you placed a bet on multiple drivers.


Futures are bets placed during the beginning of the season, but you can still make them during the season. If you feel like you know which driver will win the Championship, then placing a future bet is perfect for you. The earlier you place the wager, the higher the payout.

Pole Position

The Pole position bet requires you to guess which driver would have the fastest qualification time. If you think you have extensive knowledge of how to offer drivers and teams qualified and which driver has a quick qualification time on an empty track, then go ahead and place your Pole Position bets.

Fastest Lap Time

The fastest lap time bet is exciting, and if you have a feeling which driver would have the quickest lap at any time of the race, then you shouldn't hesitate to place it. The outcome of the race doesn't matter, and it also doesn't matter if the driver you bet on finishes the race at all, as long as they have the fastest lap, and no one else breaks their record.

Prop Bets

Proposition bets are wagers on something that would happen during a race. These don't necessarily have to be related to the sport itself. They could be something like “Will a Ford win the Race?” or “Will a certain racer lead the most laps?” The chance of the Sportsbook offering these types of bets is different from each bookie, so if you like placing them, choose one that provides Props regularly.


Podium Finish

A podium finish is when you bet on who will end up in the race's top three. It's called a “podium” finish because, at the end of each race, the top three drivers are handed their medals or trophies on a three-piece podium. These bets have decent odds but not as decent as an outright winner bet.

Driver Matchups

These types of bets are fun, and some believe they are the most profitable ones as well. In these types of wagers, the Sportsbook chooses two drivers, and you have to pick which one would finish in a better position. The rest of the drivers don't matter in this type of bet, and only the two picked and how they finished compared to each other.

Best NASCAR Betting Sites in the United States


DraftKings is the most popular Sportsbook in America, and they offer a wide range of sports and markets to choose from. They also have many sports betting features available, like cash-out, live streaming, in-play, and others. Their platform is uniquely designed and user-friendly at the same time.


BetMGM is a top-rated bookie in the US, and its platform is one of the best out there. They offer betting on multiple tournaments, and their odds are competitive. The bookie has a fantastic welcome bonus and many offers for existing customers as well.

William Hill

William Hill has become one of the top non-US bookies in the country. They offer an easy-to-navigate platform and some of the best NASCAR odds out there. You can watch the races live with their live streaming platform and access all the best and streams via their user-friendly mobile app.

Caesars Sportsbook

Caesars is a renowned name in the US, and its Sportsbook grows each day. They provide plenty of betting options for their customers and have a fantastic welcome bonus for new customers. You can even download their mobile app and place your bets from there.

Tips on NASCAR Betting

Betting on NASCAR is more challenging than any other team sport because, at any given time, there are around forty drivers who can win the trophy. You need information on the drivers, the cars, the teams, and past races. It can be overwhelming for new punters, especially if they don't know anything about the sport. Your best bet is to find an expert in NASCAR betting and learn from them. If you don't know anybody fitting that description, there are some places on the internet to find free NASCAR expert picks. Overall, learn more about the sport and the participants (car knowledge is also constructive), and if you can't find someone to help you trust your gut and what you learned.